Why Oh Why Sega Feb27


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Why Oh Why Sega


At the weekend I thought to my self “self you need a new game for your Wii, its blue gash needs filling” and then I thought that it seemed like a jolly good idea and remembered that Nights had come out a few weeks ago. Now this excited me because I never owned a Sega Saturn and had heard all the rumbelling about how Nights into Dreams was one of the best games in the world ever and I really wanted it but sadly due to my love of all things Nintendo I could not relish the joy. That was until I listened to my brain and I went into Zavvi and saw the sequel for a whole £25 (oooo dont go on the website its an overpriced £32 there) and how my childhood heart wept with anticipation. I cried that night for all the wrong reason. If you want to read why follow after the break.

Well let me count the ways I now hate Sega. I almost forgave Sonic and his Secret Ring (I am still having nightmares with the words ‘make believe reborn’ sung over some 80′s synth guitar) I put it down to a new console and Sega rushing out a game its not fair but understandable, for this game however there is no excuse. The controls do not work for starters, the game would be amazing and relaxing and fun if only the wii mote could control little Nights but instead I might as well wee on the screen to control her even using the classic controller or nunchuck does not make it any easier. And the reasons for this are not down to the controls but the fact that you only get to see a wasps breadth infront of Nights so knowing where you are meant to go relies on some sort of Jedi mind powers. Then there are the graphics, now I’m not a graphic whore it doesn’t really bother me what a game looks like as long as its smooth and looks as though effort has gone in, Mario Kart 64 looks better and that is all I will say. Finaly there are loading times! LOADING TIMES need I say more. It looks and feels like a sub par playstation 2 game and Sega need to do alot better to regain the love that they once had. I’m going to play Mario Galaxy from the start again to wash away the fowl taste of Nights Journey of Dreams.