The Alan Titchmarsh Show Oct02


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The Alan Titchmarsh Show


Since having something of a life during the summer months I haven’t really had much time for daytime television, specifically around the hours of 3pm. Having said that, I found myself with some time on my hands one afternoon last week. I was surprised to see that ‘The Alan Titchmarsh Show’ being advertised. “Not that guy that likes flowers and hangs out with the woman that doesn’t wear a bra, surely?!” I thought to myself, but tuning in at the appropriate time the next day, it turned out that it was indeed “nobbut” Alan Titchmarsh, esteemed plant fancier. Now to me, Alan is grouped in the same category of ‘celebrity’ as Carol Vorderman or Natasha Kaplinsky; not as pointless as say Jodie Marsh, but not quite as important as Phil and Fern…or the Queen. Who’d have thought he could turn out to be a witty and pleasant chat show host; albeit inoffensive to the point of being ultra PC and a wee bit dull.
In the couple of shows I’ve seen, he’s had some genuinely pretty famous guests (Petula Clark), a very informative debate about being able to specifiy withdrawal of life perpetuating treatment should you one day fall into a coma, and some lovely flowers scattered around the set I imagine have come from his garden at home. Unfortunately the debate was marred by that intolerable Carol Malone woman that works for the Sunday Mirror constantly calling Paul Ross, ‘John’. You could see Alan dying to correct her, but being too damn polite to do so. God bless him.